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Solutions We Provide

Business Intelligence For the Mainframe

In today’s complex economy, Select Business Solutions offers the one product that is tailored to provide efficient business intelligence software solutions for the mainframe environment.

UltraQuest Cloud Server for organizations

UltraQuest Cloud Server gives organizations the ability to create their own private cloud, allowing end users to connect to data that is stored on the mainframe in VSAM, QSAM, DB2, IMS, IDMS & NOMAD within the organization.

Select's NOMAD and UltraQuest Report

Select’s NOMAD and UltraQuest are recognized leaders worldwide in end user reporting, data extraction and analysis. They provide efficient, end user access to mainframe data sources including DB2, VSAM, IMS, IDMS, and Teradata.

Data Management Solutions

Our new product, Transit ETL can be used to quickly extract and transform data from mainframe and mid-tier systems for a variety of data migration projects. NOMAD provides data management solutions

Select Professional Services

At Select Business Solutions, the delivery of our software products is not a “file and forget” exercise. Our customers have found the use of our Professional Services Group not only helps to use the features of our products but the services improve the quality and delivery of their solutions.

Select Consultancy

At Select Business Solutions, we recognize that our success hinges on your success with our products. Just one call to your sales manager triggers immediate action and transforms our company into an extension of your team. Our Consultancy or Professional Services team offers a diversity of experience that will enable your organization to be extremely successful with our products.

Education Services

Educational services have often been only thought of as instructor-led, stand-up instruction, whether delivered at a customer site or in an education center. Although instructor-led classes are an important part of educational services, no program would be complete without a more comprehensive education program. We offer an array of education-related services

Mainframe Tools

The Select Business Solutions Training and Mentoring portfolio is unrivalled for its depth and breadth. Our mission is to ensure that customers are successful with our products and solutions. Select Business Solutions prides itself in providing comprehensive offerings in training and mentoring to a wide range of clients world-wide, helping them achieve their business and technical goals.

Select Lectures on Software Engineering

Select’s new series of video Lectures on Software Engineering.Over 120 hours of quality presentations covering all aspects of contemporary software engineering.