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Web Based Reporting For S/390

Web Based Reporting For S/390

In spite of a variety of client/server, ERP, and data warehouse approaches, the appeal of mainframe systems continues, fed by advances in technology and lower costs. With 80% of today’s corporate data residing on S/390 servers, a high demand still exists for decision making access to this critical business information.

The Best of the Mainframe and Web Technology

Ad hoc reporting from mainframe data
Java-based client for Web usage
Efficient access to all mainframe data
Simple to complex reporting
Full spectrum of end users
Minimizes training and IT support

Concurrently, the explosion in the popularity of the Internet has made vast amounts of information universally available through the user friendliness of a standard Web browser. This phenomenon has led business users today to expect that same ease of use when dealing with decision-making access to their enterprise data.

To stay competitive in global markets, companies require solutions that transform this critical data into information for users worldwide. These solutions must provide:

  • Efficient access to a variety of S/390 data, both relational and non-relational.
  • Powerful reporting and analysis capabilities.
  • Support for a wide range of users with diverse needs and skills.
  • Minimal impact upon existing IT resources. 

UltraQuest Reporter achieves this. It combines the best of the mainframe and the Web, providing your business users with efficient, ad hoc reporting access to their enterprise data with the convenience of the Web. It empowers your users with the information they need while minimizing the IT support and training effort.

Ease of Use for a Spectrum of Users

Beginning UltraQuest users rapidly become self sufficient, even for the most complex of tasks, and all users quickly advance to improve productivity and free up IT staff.

UltraQuest Reporter users, from beginners to experts, enjoy a Windows, Explorer-like look and feel, and intuitive usage. Key features include a full range of tools to match individual skill levels and tasks — a guided tour, expandable capabilities, hyper-jumping between dialogs, drop down menus and tools bars, and a “universal interface” that helps new and advanced end users to quickly and instinctively become productive.

Novice Users: can confidently use the “guided tour”, which was created for non-technical users. It steps them through a series of dialogs used in the process of building, modifying and executing report requests. As they gain experience, they can jump within the tour and expand dialogs to show more options, as needed.

Advanced Users: enjoy the capability of “hyper-jumping” directly to any of the dialogs from the Explorer-like tree view, typically using a right-click to add or modify the contents of a request. They will delight in a product that empowers and challenges them by providing built-in escapes that let them get beyond the “hit the wall” syndrome found in many of today’s reporting products, including the ability to view generated code or even add their own code if desired.

Users of all skill levels quickly gather, process, and analyze data in less time and with less effort, freeing up valuable IT resources for other critical projects.

Powerful Capabilities

With a wide breadth of functionality and versatility, you can be assured that the UltraQuest Reporter will continue to meet your needs, even as they evolve and change.

End users will enjoy the power capabilities of UltraQuest Reporter whether it’s to access any of their S/390 data, to join data from multiple tables or multiple databases, to sort down or across the page, to insert extensive calculations or summarizations, to handle arrays, or to add flexible formatting.

From the Reporter’s Java-based client, report requests can be tested with sample data, run interactively, or executed in batch for viewing at a later date. Output from the requests can be directed to your Web browser, to a printer, or extracted for integration with PC applications such as Microsoft Excel.

No longer will the creation of complex or innovative requests require the construction and maintenance of custom, workaround code, to compensate for missing functionality. With the UltraQuest Reporter, you will meet your timelines. You will consistently deliver the right information into the right hands at the right time.

Low Impact

UltraQuest provides a low cost reporting solution, scalable to thousands of users, but with a minimum startup investment and fast payback!

Through UltraQuest’s unique two-tier architecture, utilizing a mainframe Web server, you eliminate the need to purchase additional software or hardware for UNIX or Windows NT servers. The UltraQuest thin-client implementation and client-side dialogs maximize end user response yet minimize host-side impact. With out-of-the-box support for a broad range of business users, UltraQuest Reporter also eliminates the need for additional IT support staffing and minimizes training requirements.

UltraQuest’s user-based pricing enables customers to startup inexpensively, based on the numbers of users. With this approach, you will not be penalized by large CPU-based license fees. There are no hidden costs and the price per user decreases aggressively as the number of users increases. The pricing structure includes built-in flexibility to accommodate your specific needs.

Mainframe Friendly

Specifically tuned for mainframe performance, the UltraQuest Reporter offers the high reliability, performance, and scalability expected of the S/390 platform.

Through our advanced technology and years of experience with the VM and MVS environments, UltraQuest Reporter is designed for optimal end-user performance while exploiting S/390 facilities. It provides direct, native interfaces for efficient access to DB2, IMS, IDMS, VSAM, Teradata, and QSAM data sources, while preserving host-based security.

UltraQuest Reporter eliminates processing start-up costs through its unique durable application servers, and lets you scale to thousands of users while enjoying mainframe-level performance even when dealing with large databases. No other reporting is tuned for access to your legacy data like the UltraQuest Reporter!


The UltraQuest Reporter combines the best of the mainframe and the Web for the ultimate in ad-hoc reporting for your legacy data. It leverages your investment in existing S/390 hardware and software while delivering critical information for fast decision-making to users worldwide.

Additional UltraQuest Options

UltraQuest Menus allows the publishing of report requests to a centralized catalog. Users can execute published reports interactively or in batch directly from their Web browsers. Optional parameterized reports can provide for dynamic data selection.

UltraQuest Applications extends the UltraQuest capabilities to Web-enabling existing applications and developing new applications requiring efficient access to S/390 data. Applications include custom reporting systems, self-service queries and data management. UltraQuest provides efficient data access, shared servers, security and a rapid development environment. The Applications provide a simple and quick integration of mainframe MVS and VM systems to corporate intranets and extranets.


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Select Business Solutions has been delivering application development, data analysis and reporting tools that specialize in efficient access to mainframe data. With more than 600,000 users, Select Business Solutions continues to be a leading pioneer in Web-enablement of S/390 data and applications.

With its UltraQuest product line, Select Business Solutions has taken the lead again to meet today’s challenges and to provide tomorrow’s solutions.

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