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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a business-centric IT architectural approach that supports integrating your business as linked, repeatable business services. A service is a unit of work done by a service provider to achieve desired end results for a service consumer. Both provider and consumer are roles played by software agents on behalf of their owners.

Consuming a service is usually cheaper and more effective than doing the work ourselves. Most of us are smart enough to realize that we are not smart enough to be expert in everything. The same rule applies to building software systems.

Webservices and SOA

As today’s business professionals are used to accessing a wide variety of data across the Internet, access to legacy data from desktop applications is also becoming a requirement for SOA. The introduction of Web services as the accepted standard for providing programmatic access to heterogeneous data across various platforms has made SOA client access to mainframe data a reality.

UltraQuest WebServices, a service provider, automates the process of building Web services for your legacy data. Efficient access to this critical business data, including IBM’s DB2 for z/OS or z/VM, IMS, VSAM, IDMS, Teradata and QSAM, available as a Web service, is now just a few clicks away through our UltraQuest WebServices offering.

UltraQuest WebServices extends SOA to legacy data, by integrating applications, their processes and business users by delivering a solution that opens up information systems to more users across the enterprise.

Webservices and SOA

  • Use UltraQuest Reporter with its wizard technology to easily generate a data or report request from your relational or hierarchical, legacy data.
  • Publish your request as a Web service within the UltraQuest Library without the need for a UDDI server. The Web service can be published in a UDDI server if desired.
  • Access the Web service description, WSDL url, and the link to WSDL via the Library by the application developer.
  • Call the Web service from a Java or a .NET application.
  • Handle the generated XML, returned from the mainframe, within the client application as required.

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