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Ultraquest Gateway

"UltraQuest Gateway provides access to the mainframe UltraQuest Server through intermediate UNIX or Windows 2000/XP Web Servers."


UltraQuest Gateway users do not access the mainframe directly. All interactions are with a UNIX or Windows NT Web server. That server performs initial screening of users based on its own security constraints. Using UltraQuest Gateway components, it independently serves all static files for UltraQuest Reporter, Library, and Applications.

CGI requests for mainframe data are passed from the Gateway to the mainframe UltraQuest Server. As an alternative to CGI processing, UltraQuest transactions can be handled on the Gateway via a Java servlet executed in a J2EE servlet container environment or application server.

UltraQuest Gateway also provides Web services support for accessing data on the mainframe UltraQuest Server with our newest offering, UltraQuest WebServices.

The UltraQuest Server, as before, enforces mainframe security (using SAF protocols or HTACCESS) and accesses application data and logic.

This new facility utilizing a 3-tier approach provides companies with the following advantages:


  • Users do not need direct TCP/IP access to the mainframe.
  • Less mainframe resources are used.
  • Response time may be improved.
  • Additional security and control may be imposed on the UNIX or NT server.
  • Existing UNIX and NT administration can be re-used.

Two Tier and Three Tier Architecture

With the Gateway, UltraQuest now offers both two tier (direct mainframe access) and three tier (UltraQuest Gateway) solutions. In both cases, transaction processing remains on the mainframe … where the data is, and where it can be most effectively performed and shared.

The direct mainframe access of the two-tier solution offers its own benefits, including simpler configuration, less impact on non-mainframe resources, easier deployment of applications. If desired, both two tier and three tier access can be used at the same time. For example, a site might use direct mainframe access for internal applications, taking advantage of quick development and maintenance, but use the UltraQuest Gateway for applications that need Internet access, or that involve an extremely high transaction rate.

Servers Supported

Microsoft IIS Web Server for Win32

  • Under Windows XP Professional
  • Under Windows 2000

Apache HTTP Server

  • Under HP-UX, AIX, and Solaris
  • Under Linux on Intel platforms
  • Under Win32 – Windows 2000 or XP Professional

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