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Application Management

Application Management

Select Business Solutions has a number of products and services to assist the NOMAD customer with their investment in our technology, and to expand their usage and productivity through our Application Management facilities.

Tool for NOMAD Applications - Business Process Modeling

In order to meet certain compliance requirements, to provide improved IT support and control, and to create standards-based documentation for critical business applications written in NOMAD, the Select Architect can be a valuable tool. The Select Architect is a scaleable Business Process Modeling tool that clearly communicates the business workflows and processes of an application. The intellectual property within your NOMAD applications in terms of business processes can visually be modeled to show the relationship of business entities, application users, and allows the impact of change to be easily accessed. With a multi-user repository, the Select Architect provides a shared work environment for Business Design, Application Design, and Code and Data Design with a series of standard reports, all to ensure that delivered solutions meet the needs of the business.

NOMAD Application Performance

The NOMAD Application Performance Analyzer (NAPA) is a powerful and flexible tool for monitoring resources used by NOMAD applications. NAPA records machine and operating system resources used by NOMAD procedures, commands and shared database servers so you can pinpoint areas where the application can be made more efficient. Experienced users can uncover opportunities for improving application performance by as much as 50 to 80 percent. NAPA is an effective tool for analyzing different design alternatives during prototyping or system development cycles. It is also useful for periodically monitoring an application to analyze trends in usage. Used over time, NAPA helps users develop consistently efficient code and achieve the full productivity gains that are possible with NOMAD. As an added benefit, two days of on-site Select consulting are included to help you get a fast start using NAPA in your organization. Through a combination of lectures and demonstrations, Select consultants explain NAPA’s capabilities as a diagnostic tool, and show how to use NAPA to measure portions of a sample application. You’ll also be guided in using NAPA to measure an application of your choice. Click here for more detail on NAPA.

Extending NOMAD Applications to the Web

Many of our customers have a large investment in their NOMAD applications that have been in use for some time. These applications run the gamut from financial reporting to transaction processing to inventory and plant management, and in some cases have been used by companies to literally “run the business”. UltraQuest Applications provides for the integration of mainframe applications and the Web. It allows you to Web-enable your current NOMAD applications so that users with just a web browser can access the applications eliminating the need for the old 3270-based user access. Putting a facelift on your NOMAD applications through an improved user interface extends these valuable mainframe applications so they can meet the expectations of today’s user community.

Through a host-based Web Server and our application server, enabling of mainframe applications for the Web is fast, simple, and cost effective. UltraQuest’s two-tier solution supports CA’s VM:Webgateway, Velocity Software’s ESAWEB Web Server, as well as IBM’s HTTP for z/OS and our ICOM Communication Server. An optional three-tier solution is available through UltraQuest Gateway which provides access to the mainframe UltraQuest Server through intermediate UNIX or Windows 2000/XP Web Servers.

Not only can you protect your investment in your legacy applications, avoiding costly development and additional expenditure for new hardware, but other cost reductions could prove to be significant. We have found that the demand on the mainframe can be reduced by an order of magnitude as well as network costs. UltraQuest Applications can be just the right choice for modernizing those mature NOMAD applications while staying within your budgetary constraints.

New Application Development

UltraQuest Applications not only allows you to extend those current NOMAD applications to the Web but it makes developing new mainframe applications the next logical step. Through its extensive procedural language, comprehensive data definition language, multi-level mainframe security, built-in functions, and reporting and analysis facilities, UltraQuest Applications extends your investment in NOMAD to new levels by accessing your business critical data residing on your zSeries machines in a secure, reliable, efficient and cost effective manner.

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