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Select Lectures – Object Oriented Methods

Select Lectures - Modeling Methods & Techniques

Object Oriented Methods are now ubiquitous in the software development lifecyle. In this module set we look at the fundamentals of objects, object oriented software engineering, object oriented analysis & design, and case study and how to use metrics in an OO project. This module set comprises six video modules. Each module is shipped on a DVD for viewing on a computer only

Fundamentals of Objects to Users

In this module we consider the relationship of users to the subject domain in which they are operating. An understanding of this relationship is the basis for  conceiving, scoping and specifying systems which are likely to provide value to those users. The relationship can be described in terms of: >> The approach that users take to the domain
>> The behavior that they and the elements of the subject domain exhibit
>> The communication that occurs between users and the domain
>> And the models that users develop of the domain and of the objects within it.

Duration: 4 hours
Price: $199
Order Code: SBS-VBT-16

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
Price: $174
Order Code: SBS-VBT-15

Object-Oriented Software Engineering

In Fundamentals of Objects to Users, we examined the ideas behind objects and the idea that the world can be considered to be made up of a variety of different kinds of objects. We have learnt that we can classify them in various ways and that people who interact with things, with objects in general, usually base their interaction on some understanding of the type of object they are interacting with. They have a purpose to which they are putting it; and they have a goal in using those objects.  This module is about how we construct software which carries out that kind of behaviour.

Object-Oriented Analysis

Object Orientation provides a way of representing the elements, behaviours and data of the business world as objects that interact with one another in support of a business function or process.  The modular and self contained nature of object orientation helps to localise the impact of change across the system. This fundamental change to software development will make the software systems that you design and build using Object principles and technologies far easier for your IT project teams and businesses to:
>>Develop and deploy;
>>Change and maintain;
>>Understand and use by the business and operational communities.

Object Orientation is an equally applicable approach to describing and creating real-time systems such as those found in flight control and telephony networks.

Duration: 3 hours 45 minutes
Price: $199
Order Code: SBS-VBT-17

Duration: 5 hours 50 minutes
Price: $299
Order Code: SBS-VBT-18

Object-Oriented Design

This module on object oriented design describes the role of design activities in the development of object oriented systems.  We describe the relationship between design activities and other parts of the development process.  Outline a variety of issues that are faced in designing the system from the point of view of the architectural view.
We describe in some detail the techniques and mechanisms used for implementing the kind of requirements that you are likely to encounter in the development of object oriented systems.

Object Modeling Case Study

In this module we will work through the creation of a set of models using business and object modeling techniques for a fictional business problem. This sort of worked example is often called a Case Study.

We look at the background of a business and the problem to be solved – our example business is the Proteus Discount Warehouse, a no-frills business that sells well known brand goods at competitive prices in downtown and edge-of-town stores using an in-store catalog and through its internet web site store.

Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes
Price: $224
Order Code: SBS-VBT-19

Duration: 2 hours 5 minutes
Price: $99
Order Code: SBS-VBT-20

Metrics for OO Systems

Object-oriented Metrics relates to the examination of how object-oriented code can be examined for quality reasons. Metrics have been a form of holy grail within the software engineering industry for years buoyed by the fact that to truly create an “engineered” profession one must have strict ways of measuring the outputs of the industry.

We examine how object-oriented metrics have come to be set up for various layers of the object-oriented programming world. Explain how they are based on an accepted model of measurement and then how the specific aspects of object-orientation have been taken into account. Finally we show how these approaches have been tested rigorously and stand up in practice.

Select Lectures - DVD Technical Requirements

The Select Lectures on Software Engineering have been designed for viewing on a computer with sound support. Computer requirements are:
  • DVD drive
  • Web Browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome Adobe Flash plugin may be required on some browsers.
Other formats can be made available. Please contact us with your requriements.