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Tera Data


Teradata is a long-time partner of Select Business Solutions. We were one of first vendors to support the Teradata Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), a scalable, high performance RDBMS solution that is unmatched in the database industry today. Teradata’s ease of use, combined with the power of parallel processing, allows it to achieve query performance and throughput levels unsurpassed by conventional relational database management systems. The Teradata servers provides the power to manage multi-terabyte databases while provide maximum scalability, parallel self balancing, and mission critical availability.

Select’s NOMAD and UltraQuest products support access to the Teradata RDBMS on both NCR mainframe and NCR UNIX machines. The NOMAD and UltraQuest Interfaces for Teradata provide a solution to the problems associated with managing very large shared databases, coupled with the benefits of a high productivity tool for enterprise reporting and application development.