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Select Lectures – Verification and Validation

Select Lectures - Verification and Validation

This module set looks at the ways in which quality can be assured in the development of software systems by verification and validation, configuration control and testing. This module set comprises four video modules. Each module is shipped on a single DVD for viewing on a computer only

Software Quality Assurance

Quality is defined as “a characteristic or attribute of something” . For software, there are three kinds:
>> Quality of practice
>> Quality of design
>> Quality of conformance
In these sessions we look at how to achieve software quality through:
>> Software Engineering Methods
>> Project Management Techniques
>> Quality Control
>>Quality Assurance
>>Change Management

Duration: 2 hours 50 minutes
Price: $149
Order Code: SBS-VBT-21

Duration: 2 hours 51 minutes
Price: $149
Order Code: SBS-VBT-22

Software Configuration Management

When you build computer software, change happens. And because it happens, you need to manage it effectively. Software configuration management, often called change management, is a set of activities designed to manage change by:
>> Identifying the work products that are likely to change
>> Establishing relationships among them
>> Defining mechanisms for managing different versions of these work products
>> Controlling the changes imposed, and
>> Auditing and reporting on the changes made

Software Testing Strategies

A software testing strategy provides a roadmap that describes a series of steps that need to be conducted as part of testing. These include:
Test planning
Test case design
Data collection
In these sessions we consider each of these aspects.

Duration: 3 hours 57 minutes
Price: $199
Order Code: SBS-VBT-23

Duration: 3 hours 10 minutes
Price: $149
Order Code: SBS-VBT-35

Software Testing Methods

Software testing methods provide systematic guidance for designing tests that
>> Exercise the internal logic and interfaces of every software component, and
>> Exercise the program’s input and output domains to uncover errors in function, behavior, and performance. For conventional applications, software is tested from two different perspectives:
>> Internal program logic is exercised using “white box” test-case design techniques, and
>> Software requirements are exercised using “black box” test-case design teechniques.
In these sessions we cover testing fundamentals, testability, basis path testing with flow graphs, testing object oriented software, and web applications.

Select Lectures - DVD Technical Requirements

The Select Lectures on Software Engineering have been designed for viewing on a computer with sound support. Computer requirements are:
  • DVD drive
  • Web Browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome Adobe Flash plugin may be required on some browsers.
Other formats can be made available. Please contact us with your requriements.